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To watch some of Dr. Pearson's Media Appearances,
please visit her YouTube channel.

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ENSL's the Power Hour invited Dr. Pearson to take part in a panel discussion about Facebook, Instagram, Privacy, and Vaccine Mandates. 
ValiantCEO Magazine interviewed Dr. Pearson about organizational culture and leadership.
Valiant .jpg

#SoLeadSaturday invited Dr. Pearson to share her professional journey, her thoughts on leadership,  accountability, and who she admires as a good leader.

Virgin. Beauty. B!tch invited Dr. Pearson to discuss women, the justice system. Bill Cosby, and implicit bias.

The Military Woman and so much More invited Dr. Pearson to discuss sexual harassment in the military, proposed legislation by Rep. Jackie Spear (D-CA), and implicit bias. 

Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global featured Dr. Pearson. 

A screen shot of the Arianna Huffington Thrive Global article in which Dr. Pearson was featured.

Authority Magazine featured Dr. Pearson discussing the Top 5 Things You Need to becomes a Top Lawyer that Investigates. 

Authority Magazine.png

XM Qualtrics' Journal featured Dr. Pearson. She shares her research and why she values the professional resources XM provides. 

Featured in The XM Journal September 2021 Edition.png

The International Association of Women announces Dr. Pearson's recognition as a 2021 Influencer. 

International Association of Women announcement regarding Dr. Pearson