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   Dr. Pearson is a media personality, journalist, analyst, strategist, producer, researcher, and writer. 

  Dr. Pearson appears on Law and Crime Network as a Legal Analyst, each week. She also is a regular Legal Analyst for WRHU 88.7 FM in New York, and has been both a legal analyst and a democratic strategist for Fox 5 DC and Cheddar News.


  She is invited to speak at events. As an example, the Boston Congress of Public Health (formerly the Harvard Journal of Public Health) invited Dr. Pearson to take part in their prestigious Debate Series for 2021-2022.


  Dr. Pearson also appears on podcasts, radio, and is consulted on background and quoted by print journalists. A portfolio of her work is available to review on the Media/Appearances page. 

Legal Expertise:

  Dr. Pearson earned her law degree from Syracuse University College of Law and has worked in a variety of capacities for the government, private individuals and businesses,  including public and private educational institutions. 

  The practice of law varies based on geographical location. Dr. Pearson practiced in New England in a small state where the population of lawyers numbered around 5000. For comparison, California's active status lawyer population in 2022 is around 190,000. As a result, Dr. Pearson has practiced in many areas of law and she has a deep command of of multiple areas because of client needs; lawyers in smaller states must have advanced knowledge in multiple areas to thrive, whereas lawyers in larger states can specialize. The benefit of Dr. Pearson's knowledge is that she understands the nuances and how these areas can interconnect. 

Research/Consultation Expertise:

  Dr. Pearson is a mixed methods researcher, earning her doctorate in Education, with a specialization in organizational change and leadership from the University of Southern California. She conducted the first study on implicit bias and workplace investigations. As a former litigator and appellate attorney, as well as an experienced investigator, she is available to consult on litigation matters. She can assist lawyers with reviewing investigation files for what should have been provided as part of discovery, preparing discovery requests, preparing for depositions, and testifying as an expert at trial. She has experience testifying at trial, having testified in well over 100 cases (estimated).  Dr. Pearson does not keep statistics and because many of these cases were confidential matters, she does not provide case names.  She can also provide training on implicit bias and she developed a conceptual model building on other established theories.

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