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  Dr. Pearson is a proud member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Society of Professional Journalists - LA Chapter and she believes it is a duty to assist in educating the public about important issues and topics.

  Below you will find a collection of television, podcast, radio appearance, as well as print publications that have quoted Dr. Pearson. Dr. Pearson appears on nationally and locally televised media; these appearances have included NewsNation, Cheddar News, Law and Crime Trial Network, FOX 5 DC, Fox LiveNOW, Newsmax, and OANN, among others. You will find a representative sampling of her work below. Clips are updated as soon as practicable. Dr. Pearson's most recent demo reel is on her home page.


  Dr. Pearson also maintains a YouTube Channel with many of her latest clips. Please subscribe to the channel!  Dr. Pearson also maintains a public playlist on Spotify of all of her podcast appearances.

Where is she appearing next?

   The best way to discover where Dr. Pearson will be appearing is by following her on  Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin accounts for opportunities to watch her.  


Demo Reels

Law and Crime Network TV Appearances