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What I'm Reading - Betrayal

A lot is happening in my world which I will share more about as appropriate. A result of these new developments is that I am reading new books. I'll be posting Featured posts organized by topic that may give you new ideas about what to read. Check back often! I'd be happy to receive your feedback after you've read them.


Dr. Pearson


From Hardened to Healed

The Effortless Path to Release Resistance, Get Unstuck, and Create a Life You Love

by Dr. Debi Silber

202 pages

ISBN: 9781737845706

Available: Paperback, Kindle

Where to Purchase

It's December 1st. IT'S DECEMBER 1ST. Where did the year go? Anyone? You don't know either? Ugh. (Stop that! Think positively!)

Well, that means there is another year soon upon us and a year full of opportunity. What? This year didn't turn out the way you wanted? Me neither. Betrayal. It's on the menu.

Betrayal is ugly. If you ask me where I feel it, it starts out cold all over, then burns-hot, white fire-around my sternum. Betrayal is the hardest emotion for me - because it was my fault I trusted you. If I hadn't, I wouldn't feel this way. Right?

Ever been there?

Mmm I thought so.

Enter Dr. Debi Silber. Dr. Silber's book may be just what you need to make this year the one where you live your best life. In it, she lays out a plan for how to come back from betrayal-how to dislodge yourself from a thought pattern encoded when trust is breached.

Give it a read. What do you have to lose?

Trust me.

Too soon? LOL.

Just read it. Let me know what you think.

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