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Expert Services

Please fill out the form below to access information about Dr. Pearson's Expert Services.  Once your information is submitted, you will be given access. 

To whom Dr. Pearson provides Expert Services is sensitive information and the information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence.


Dr. Pearson reminds all lawyers and their subordinants (law clerks, legal assistants, paralegals) that they have a duty to be truthful in their submissions.


Why do you need to provide this information? That's a legitimate question. There are two reasons. The first reason is that Dr. Pearson performs a conflict check early to avoid having a conversation where information is learned that might create problems in other matters. The second reason is that she wants to limit how much and what kind of information is available for public view, while simultaneously allowing lawyers to do as much work online as possible to avoid phone tag or waiting for email responses.  By providing this information, serious inquirers know that Dr. Pearson will be prepared to engage in a thoughtful conversation if they wish to move forward and retain her services. Time is valuable. Dr. Pearson won't waste yours. 

To Access Information about Expert Services Please Complete the Form Below
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