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"I Explain."

Dr. Tracy A. Pearson (Dr. Tracy) is a Los Angeles based Legal, Political & Cultural Analyst, Contributor, Writer, Journalist, and Media Personality who is heard throughout the world on television and radio, including every week on SiriusXM Radio, Channel 127 SiriusXM Progress on Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang

She explains the hard stuff, like complex legal issues, and she distills the latest legal filings and decisions for the non-legally trained person. With over 165 hours of experience covering live trials on television, litigation experience as a criminal & civil trial and appellate lawyer, and a mediator, Dr. Tracy's experience is versatile.  


She explains what is happening in politics and why it is important to audiences around the world, including the heart of American politics, Washington, D.C.  You can find her on Fox5DC and SiriusXM Progress where she explains the significance of current political news stories and she joins important national coverage like primary, general, and special elections and the State of the Union.

Dr. Tracy explains cultural phenomena. Whether it be discussing movies, television, or the range of human behavior found in government, corporations, and other domains, she has answers.


As a researcher, her specialty is implicit bias in various contexts where human judgment inflicts damage. Her study of implicit bias in workplace investigations was the first mixed methods study to examine corruption that obstructs accountability.

She provides expert consultation services in the areas of implicit bias, investigations,  bullying/discrimination, disability accommodations, and organizational culture and corruption.

Dr. Pearson is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, including the organization's Los Angeles Chapter.

Dr. Tracy A. Pearson Legal, Political and Cultural Analyst

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