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About Dr. Pearson

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Dr. Tracy A. Pearson, J.D. is

THE resource

when answers and solutions

are in short supply. 


She makes sense out of the noise. 

   Tracing Dr. Pearson's career trajectory, the prevailing theme is that she is a natural teacher: in a classroom teaching at a research university, in a courtroom in front of a judge explaining a novel issue, with individual coaching clients who need help solving their own challenges, in an organization identifying the problems leadership and management couldn't recognize let alone the impact it was having on the employee or employees, as well as the risk it posed for the organization, and through public speaking appearances in person, on radio, or on television,  Dr. Pearson's passion is helping another person learn or understand something they didn't before, and most importantly, changing their perspective. 

   While working on her Doctorate in Education in Organizational Change and Leadership, Dr. Pearson sought an outside expert to sit on her committee, someone who could think practically about the problem of implicit bias as applied to the profession she was examining. Truth: the expert was a skeptic until they read the first three chapters of Dr. Pearson's dissertation. The expert told both Dr. Pearson and the other members of the dissertation committee; she changed the expert's mind. 

   That was a mic drop moment. 

   Dr. Pearson didn't plan for it, but growing up in a family where she was the first to go to college and earn a degree, the first to go to graduate school, the first to go to law school and earn a doctorate in law, and the first to go to graduate school (again) and earn a second doctorate, in education, she set out on a path to become the person people turn to when they need to understand; they need answers, and they need a solution.

   While the world is focused on compartmentalizing knowledge into smaller containers over which people hold influence, Dr. Pearson is an expert in interdisciplinary thinking. 

   With almost two decades of experience bringing and defending complex legal matters on behalf of litigants in state and federal court, Dr. Pearson excels in analyzing problems from multiple perspectives. She is an expert in investigations and post-mortem assessment of investigations in all domains, including workplaces, child welfare, or government. 

   Her research incorporates law, organizational change theory, pedagogical theory, history, pop culture, and neuroscience, to name only some disciplines Dr. Pearson drew from when she wrote, "After a Neutral and Impartial Investigation...": Implicit Bias in Internal Workplace Investigations.

   Her superpower is her ability to adapt and learn quickly. She also excels in the "cold read". After listening to a person speak emotionally, about their circumstances believing they had one problem, in a very short time frame, with no advance preparation, it isn't unusual for Dr. Pearson to identify a much different problem and the potential solutions with a plan that would make a difference, not wasting valuable resources. This same superpower applies in consulting situations and even when she appears on radio and television.


Bluntly, in today's lightning-paced news cycle, Dr. Pearson's ability to "analyze on the run" is unparalleled. 

   That superpower is fueled by Dr. Pearson's eclectic background. Besides her deep bench of legal experience, including trial work, investigations, and mediations, her experience operating a business, her training as a professional coach, she has also served in faculty and staff roles at large and small universities and colleges on both the East and West Coast. Dr. Pearson understands the complexities of the United States educational system from the top-down, academic culture, and the employment landscape from the idealistic beliefs to the seedy side of its operations.


  She is an expert in legal analysis, investigations, accountability, implicit bias, organizational culture and dysfunction, organizational change, and leadership. She is also a Democratic strategist and provides insight on political issues on major news outlets.

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