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Expert Services

Dr. Tracy A. Pearson was trained as an attorney and practiced trial and appellate law for almost two decades. She has 20 years of experience as an investigator, internally and externally. In 2021, as part of her second doctoral degree, she published the first study to examine implicit bias in workplace investigations focusing on the investigators and the conduct of organizations. Previously, litigators relied on analogous research to try to establish that an investigation was biased, which often failed the Frye or Daubert standards. In conducting her study, as a retired lawyer, she designed the study using methods, both quantitative and qualitative, that would meet court scrutiny. Her study not only establishes implicit bias exists, but it also confirms that the employer interferes in investigations at an alarming rate. This seminal study has applicability in any type of investigation, including law enforcement. 

Dr. Pearson used the data from her study to develop a comprehensive strategy that organizations can use to improve their investigation programs and services to mitigate for implicit bias. The conceptual framework for this strategy is based on established theory. 


If you are looking for the expert in implicit bias in investigations, please contact Dr. Pearson to discuss how she can assist you.


File Review

Dr. Pearson worked as an investigator for 20 years. She knows what should and should not be in an investigation file, regardless of the organization. She has specific experience with the University of Southern California (USC) and can help you assess whether there are discovery violations or spoliation issues.


Investigation Report Assessment

Dr. Pearson has extensive experience in investigating and writing investigation reports and memos. As an expert in implicit bias, she can review the investigation report prepared in your client's case, assess the thoroughness of the investigation, and determine where the investigation or the report is compromised by implicit bias.


Litigation Services

In addition to File Review and Investigation Report Assessment, Dr. Pearson will interview your client, advise on specific interrogatory/deposition areas of inquiry, prepare an expert report, and testify as to her findings.

Design & Training

Dr. Pearson's motivation is to see investigation's improve so they work for the people that these, often legally, required investigations were mandated to help. She can evaluate your current investigation program and assess it for gaps that impact investigation credibility. She can provide recommendations for improvement and implement those recommendations. She can also train administrators and investigators using her proprietary training method to improve the quality of investigation services provided. Dr. Pearson will work with you to select training methods that work for your organization.

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