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Dr. Tracy A. Pearson. Background Los Angeles Skyline

First Study of Workplace Investigators and Implicit Bias

Dr. Pearson conducted the first mixed methods study of implicit bias in workplace investigations. It includes data from 190 participants. These participants include: law enforcement, lawyers, journalists, social workers, human resources, higher education, and other professionals. Data was collected usiing qualitative and quantitative methods. The study seeks to understand investigator knowledge of implicit bias, motivation for performing the work, and organizational factors that may mitigate or aggravate implicit bias in investigations.

Current Project

Dr. Pearson is writing a manuscript based on her study. The focus of the manuscript is on how organizations, whether it is an employer or the government, manipulate infrastructure, i.e. the policies and procedures that are represented to help you. In this book, Dr. Pearson discusses, against the background of a well-known, controversial organization,  how infrastructure is weaponized and why. She draws on other investigations to expose the seedy business of investigations and why they should not be relied on for decision-making.

Dr. Tracy A. Pearson. Background Black.
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