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Trump Criminal Trial Information

This page provides primary sources to understand Court proceedings. When helpful, I have included secondary materials from reliable sources.This page will be updated. If there is a source you believe belongs on this page, please reach out to me. 

New York Resources

This handbook is provided to all jurors who serve in the New York State Court System

These rules govern how criminal cases are processed in New York State. ** Please make sure you are reviewing the correct version. The latest version as of April 20, 2024 is


These rules govern how evidence is considered for admission. Lawyers use these rules to understand how to frame questions which will form the "foundation" for asking the court to admit evidence.

These are instructions that can be read to a jury. These instructions are read by the judge to the jury at the end of a trial. Jurors will review the evidence against the jury instructions provided by the judge.

New York Secondary Resources

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